SDP Photo Print Pro

SDP Photo Print Pro 3.0

SDP Photo Print Pro 3.0Print more photos on one paper and save...

SDP Photo Print Pro 3. 0Print more photos on one paper and save printing papers! SDP Photo Print Pro is a cute printing utility application for small office and home users.

It allows you to print more photos on one paper and save printing papers! With this powerful, yet easy-to-use product, you can place one or more digital photos onto the printing paperany way you want, and print them out EXACTLY as what you see on the screen.

That is what we call ;What you see is what you print;! It enables you to save your valuable printing papers and gives you ultimate control on how you can print on the paper.

SDP Photo Print Pro is designed to target small office and home users with little or no experience to operate a computer system. Thus, its user interface (UI) is so simple and intuitive that most of our users are able to run it without ever consulting the User`s Guide.

FeaturesInteractive screen that allows you to arrange the photos on the printing paper before you print;Move, resize, rotate and change the brightness of these photos directly on screen by dragging your mouse;Truly what you see is what you print;Can load all the popular image formats in the market;Can load multiple-page tiff file;Support all the scanners;Support all the digital cameras;Support all the printers and fax-modems;Operating SystemsWindows 98 Windows Me Windows NT 4.